Get inspired...

Do you need to discover your life purpose? Tired of walking around in circles? Call for an inspiring appointment that will bring new light to your life projects, ideas and insights (even if you don't have them yet) it will help you understanding what do you want from life at this moment and in the future. Why are you here and what are you good at! Feel the impact of a personalized consultation insight into your needs and wants!


It helps brainstorming and create action plans for the present and future focusing on the goals you want to achieve.


It works by providing you meaningful insights and self awareness that will lead to personal growth.

Consultation Fees

Consultations strictly by appointment only
Confidentiality is guaranteed
70 € per session (1 hour)

Now online consultations available through Skype

Bookings (minimum 24h in advance)
Phone: 087 219 4450